Wednesday, January 9, 2013

30 things before Thirty # 5 (Own a cat)

I am heart and soul a cat-person. Unfortunately I grew up in a home where my dad was terribly allergic to feline friends so I never had cats as a child. I promised myself that I would get a cat as soon as I left home but then university, travel and a year abroad happened where a cat would've been completely impractical. Still, I longed for a nice furry body to call my "kitcat". Then, one unsuspecting day it happened - I was driving in a less privileged area of my home town when I saw this poor little kitten hanging on for dear life on a dirty little boy's shirt, swinging to and fro as he walked. It was love at first sight. I just knew that she was the one! Immediately I stopped, almost causing an accident, and offered to buy the sweet kitten from him. The little boy was to happy to oblige and just there I became the loving owner of this flea invested sweetheart. I named her Vivienne and many  baths later, we are the best of friends. I am so blessed with a cat that is as affectionate as can be. She loves attention and a good rub is her favourite thing in the world. Its very seldom that I don't have a cat on the lap at home.

Then 2 months ago, a new sweetheart made is appearance. Knowing how much I love cats, and being completely heartbroken after Oliver ran away, my sweetest Timo, bought me the prettiest little Siamese kitten. He named him Laforet (which is French for Forrest) and this furry little rascal awaited me on my return from France .

Now I am the owner of not only one but two cats and 5 away from being a catlady. I guess I can tick this one of my list then....and keep telling myself that two cats is enough!

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