Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend in Pictures # 15

Sometimes you get those weekends that flies by way to quickly. This weekend was one of them. With one  dinner party, two birthday celebrations and three nights of not getting to bed before 1 am, we had a busy, busy, wonderful time.

Sometimes you get so involved with the happenings that photo-taking seems to spoil the moment - or really, if you are anything like me, you just forget about taking photos(or forget to change the camera setting which means that you end up with a bunch of over-exposed pictures). 

But in between all the busy-ness and forgetting, I did manage to capture a few glimpses ....of the best chocolate brownies, a lovely movie (have you seen the The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? Please do. Its brilliant), afternoon naps, an early bloom, discovering the happiest park and visiting my oldest friend for a mini garden party!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Today I am thankful for....

You know you are one very blessed girl when the same guy who offered the use of his house in Provence this coming fall, invites you to a lovely dinner cooked by his beautiful wife, so that you can plan your trip to France. Having three macaroons for desert and making paper dolls with their three year old daughter...well, thats just plain indulgence.

Thank you dearest Eric, Anke and little Lily. You guys are amazing!

image from here

Happy Monday Tuesday, Wednesday ......!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daddy, I want a pony

Not being one to swoon over cars easily, I surprised myself when I fell head over heels in  love with the Fiat 500.

How cute is this car?
Convertible. Italian. Adorable.
I love it.

Little did I know that I'd loose my heart on the vintage model too.
So daddy, I would like two please!
Oh, and a Hermes scarf to keep the hair out of my face when I let down the roof on scenic seaside joyrides.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend in Pictures # 14

I may be 27 and have a place of my own, but my mom's house will always be "home". Thankfully she's only a 40 minute drive away so every other weekend I pack my washing bags and go chill out at home.

Weekends at home are usually filled with catnaps,reading and drinking copious amounts of tea. Of course it wouldn't be the same without some of mommy's yummy home cooking. Usually we go out for breakfast and long walks but this weekend it was rainy and cold so we stayed huddled up inside, wearing snugly pj's and watching series.

Hope you had a happy weekend!

Happy Monday!

My monday began with this song blasting over the gas stations stereo. I never knew gas stations did this! Really, I couldn't ask for a better song to be stuck in my head the whole day!

Hope you have a lovely Monday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flight food

I love airports...and I am quite convinced that airports are some of the happiest places in the world. At airports you are bound to see loads of love - families re-united, couples teary farewells or warm embraces and even relieved businessmen when they spot their "name card" in the crowd.

Yes, I really love airports. Whenever I enter an airport, precious memories come flooding back of the time that I was one of a teary couple or a little girl waiting for her daddy to return from a business trip. Often I've excitedly waited in the crowds to spot a friend or family member's face in arrivals or said sad goodbye's while watching a loved one disappearing behind the check-in gates. Oh, and there were the exciting moments that I couldn't wait to board that plane and begin a new foreign adventure.

Man, I really, really love airports. That's why, when my friend Henk jokingly suggested that escape from the city and go have dinner at the airport, I thought it a brilliant idea!

Henk is a brilliant photographer so we doubled our dinner date as a photography lesson.

We found a cozy  restaurant overlooking the planes arriving and departing and talked about our upcoming trips. Henk is going to Turkey in two weeks time and soon I will be heading for Paris(YAY) so a travel themed dinner seemed very appropriate.

We also had something to celebrate....

... Henkie's photograph (well, quite a few of them) got published in a magazine for the first time.

Now, go and buy the  VISI, I promise you wont be disappointed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lately, I've been daydreaming about...

...owning a Chanel Jacket.
Sadly, at £4000.00 I don't see it happening soon.

But a girl can dream, right?

Go here to have a look at their amazing Spring 2012 Collection!
I promise you are in for a treat!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Weekend in Pictures # 14

Sometimes life can be so fast (and fun) that I completely forget to stop and take a few snaps. This weekend was like that. I did manage to get a few though.....

Breakfast in bed and new Hello Kitty pj's for mama * lil' sisters pretty apartment * teatime with Timmy * the last Dalhia's of the season * photography class (this picture was taken by the very talented Kim and I love it) * a movie at my favorite cinema in Cape Town.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I love my Mama!

So yesterday was Mothers day and because we were so busy having fun, I never got to publish this post.
Rather late than never, right?

I really have the most amazing mama! I can think of a million reasons why she is the best in the world, but it would take way to long to type and I'm not sure if one post can be that long so on the top of my head, these are my 5 favorite reasons:

1. With Mom around, there is always laughter in the air.

My dad fell in love with my mom because of the way she laughed and after 30 years she still laughs all the time. The funniest thing about my mommy is that she laughs the loudest at her own jokes which kind of cause one to laugh at the way she laughs about
her joke, more than the joke itself. I love that about her. 

2. She is sew talented

When it comes to needlework, my mom is freaking amazing. She can knit, sew, crochet, cross stitch... you name it, she can do it. When we were little she use to sew us birthday dresses. Now we get crochet blankets and quilts.

3. Kind heart? That's her..

When my dad got murdered in an armed robbery 10 years ago, my mom was suddenly a single parent of 3 teenage girls. It must've been scary as hell but she did such a great job teaching us by example. Forgiveness, kindness, how God is good and how its never okay to stereotype is lessons my mom taught me.

4. Super fun mom

I love spending time with my mom. She is so much fun. Dancing under the moonlight, mid-week shopping sprees, singing on the top of our voices in the car, laughing until our bellies ache because of a fridge magnet and English tea parties are some of my favorite memories.

5. Unconditionally loved.

What a blessing to know that your mom will love you no matter what. As a teacher I came to realise what a blessing good parents are. Its not as common as one would expect and there is a lot of hurt in this world caused by bad parenting. May I dare to say that I don't believe in problem children, only problem parents?! So I count my blessings for a mom like mine.

I love you momster!

Happy (belated) Mother day to you all!!!

Happy Monday!

Not only do I absolutely adore this song, (it's been playing on repeat like non-stop since the first time I've heard it) but I love how the music video reminds me of the "butterflies" we use to make in kindergarten!

Hope you have a happy Monday!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mutton dressed as lamb!

Every now and again, our school hosts a "Sivvy" day where the kids are allowed to dress up in their favorite clothes oppose to the school uniform they are otherwise required to wear.
Sivvy day is a lot of fun and we as the teachers love seeing how the kiddos personalities are reflected through their everyday clothing.

Today's Sivvy day had a little twist to it.
Bianca (my awesome colleague and friend) and I decided that its only fair that we as the teachers  get to dress up too and since we usually get to wear what we want ....

....we dressed up in the school's uniform.
The kids loved it!!!

Because it was a Friday filled with fun and games, I took a picture of each learner with a word they chose to describe themselves.

None of them really took this exercise very serious and it was so funny to see what they came up with.

...but then things got real crazy and we kind of went bananas ...

Now, I know I've said it like a million times but man, oh, man I LOVE MY JOB!

I thank God for such an awesome job, with awesome colleagues and awesome minds to love, teach and shape.

Teaching isn't always just about fun and games and some times it's real hard work.....

....but on Sivvy days we do it Audrey Hepburn style.