Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Monday!

I just cant get enough of this movie (and it's soundtrack)!
Hope you have a happy Monday

A Weekend in Pictures # 26


Slowly summer is turning into autumn and sunny days are fewer. I love this time of year where the weather is a bit cooler but still nice enough to go for leisurely walks on the promanade. And thats exactly what my sister and I did. Sunday morning as soon as the sun showed her face, we went to the seaside. Im one of those lucky people who can say that my sister is also a really good friend of mine so I treasure moments where we laugh at our own jokes and break our diet with strawberry milkshake.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I want to ride my bicycle...

Cycling didn't come naturally to me as a kid . My family still joke about then time I slammed into the scrum machine, testing out my new BMX. They think its hilarious that I would choose to crash into the only thing standing on a open rugby field. I don't think its so funny - having a scar on my knee as a reminder of the unlucky encounter might have something to do with absent sense of humor. Lucky for me, adulthood made up for it and now one of my favorite memories is cycling through the gardens of Versailles.

So it's with serious cycling envy that I share these pics of the 2013 London Tweed Run that happened today. Not only do these guys get to cycle through the streets of London on vintage bicylces!!!!! But wearing tweed is compulsory.

Vintage bicycles guys?! Tweed!!!


Oh, how I wish Cape Town would host one of these!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Terrarium DIY

This afternoon, while vising the local dollar store, I found the most beautiful hanging vases - perfect for creating terrariums.
I immediately set to work and within 20 minutes I was a terrarium richer.
I was surprised at how incredibly easy it is to make one of these beauties so I thought I'd share - all you need is some soil, tiny stones, a selection of succulents and you are good to go!
I had a couple of succulents that needed replanting so I used them and the scoop of soil I kindly got from the nursery down my street.
With terrariums it's of utmost importance that the vase is clean so wash it before use. Then add some soil and plant your greens. Because a glass vase has no drainage, succulents are the best choice. They need at the most a few drops of water so drainage shouldn't be a problem (unless you are over watering them)
Finish of your terrarium with some tiny stones. I used these white ones I also got from the kind nursery.
Easy as pie.
The hardest part was to find a spot where a naughty Siamese kitten claws cant reach.
 In the end, the bathroom window won.
Now I not only have one but two beautiful terrariums to adore while I take a bath.
One more reason to look forward to leisurely soaks!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Current Obsessions: Autumn 2013


Oh, if I was a rich girl (dababadadiebediebedam)....

Lately I've been a tad bit obsessed with swans, especially these beauties  from Etsy. Unfortunately they are near impossible to find here in Cape Town. This past weekend I went to Milnerton Market but no luck and after scouring most of Cape Towns vintage shops, I am close to giving up hope. My other option is using Etsy but I am just not so sure about shipping porcelain?!

Do yourself a favor and go this see movie. Its so incredibly beautiful. You will laugh and cry and walk out with a fuzzy feeling, I promise! If you are anything like me, you might also walk away with a little crush on the amazingly talented Omar Sy.

I cannot wait for the latest Frankie Magazine to arrive here in South Africa.

Chrysanthemums are back in season and I cannot be happier.

A blessed day it was when I discovered Vamp, all tucked away in Woodstock. They sell the most amazing vintage furniture and as if that is not enough to steal my heart, they are also one of the VERY few Frankie suppliers in Cape Town.

Vintage pillow cases, like these I  posted on my Instagram, are my new favorite addition to my bedroom.

This lovely blog by  Miss Moss made my day!

Hope your April is a lovely one!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Have you seen...

...The Intouchables? It's brilliant. It's so beautiful. Go do yourself a favour!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A room of one's own

A couple of months ago, a wonderful thing happened to me - something I absolutely adore doing, a hobby really, blossomed into a little business. It all happened by chance and I never saw it coming but next thing I knew, I was selling things that I use to make for fun - for me. It was a great feeling to know that there are people out there loving my work so much that they want to put it up in their homes and I am still quite flattered at the mere idea of people buying my work to prettify their places.
But then a strange thing happened. I completely stopped creating. For a whole month I did not take a single photograph. Not a single one! Suddenly I was overwhelmed by self doubt and criticism and the perfectionist in me tore apart anything I attempted in the same manner that a finch would tear apart a nest. It was bad. Why did this happen? I'm not quite sure but I do have sneaky suspicion that unreasonable expectations that I placed upon myself had something to do with it. All of a sudden I had this "ideal" that I had to live up too and it was no longer fun.
Then this little book fell in my lap and pretty much the same day I  decided to start doing what I love again. How incredibly simple it really is - do what you love. I can kick myself that it took me a whole month to figure it out. Just get back and do what you love - without the unreasonable expectations, without the self doubt and perfectionist finching. Just get down to it. Just freaking do it! And just then and there I converted my dinner table into a mini office space. I pushed my dining room table against the wall (friends will now have to eat on their laps), took out my tools and got to work.
Self-doubt is a silent enemy. Its a battle that you fight with yourself and that is the worst kind. It inhibits you to nothingness, numbs you to a standstill.
The solution?
Just get to work. Ignore the voice and just freakin do it.
Oh, and it really helps to have a space that is yours, a creative room of one's own (even if it's a converted dining table)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cats in Clothes

I Instagram about my cats, I create little persona's for my cats, I bore my friends to tears about the adventures of my cats, I fight a constant battle with cat hair on my clothes and I spend half my salary on good cat food. Cat lady? Yup, that's pretty much me... so you can imagine my glee when I stumbled upon the work of the amazing Heather Mattoon who paints Cats in Clothes.

Except for selling her beautiful prints on etsy, she also does custom portraits where she'll paint your own kitty in clothes. A pretty good way to spend that other half of my salary, I'd say!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I've been planning...  oh so many things - winter wardrobes and a new shop to name but a few. It's fun to dream.
I've been eating.... a lot curry. Three times in 5 days is quite something. I guess its the wintry weather that makes me crave spicy comfort food.
I've been dreaming about.... cake. Seriously, I've had a lot of dreams about cake. So odd. I wonder what subconscious meaning that might have. Any idea what dreams about white sponge with cream, caramel and banana might mean? 
I've been splurging on.... cardigans. With winter on the way, I really went to town and bought not one, not two, not three but four little beauties.
I've been reading...the Frankie Magazine. They are real hard to come by here in South Africa but lucky for me I have a friend with a whole heap and she was was kind enough to lend me a bunch. Now my nose is stuck in Frankie whenever I get the chance.
I've been new cardigans. Winter is slowly creeping closer so scarfs and coats is also becoming part of my daily attire.
I've discovered.... that some warm cocoa with a spoon of Xylitol is a good solution to a chocolate craving.
I've been struggling with...self doubt. Being your own worse enemy is having the worst enemy of all!
Ive been inspired by ...this little book. If you are the creative type (or even if you are not), do yourself a favor. It reads really easy and is quite life changing!
I've been happy about...catching up with old friends. I am so incredibly blessed that I have friends, who although they live in far places (which is not always so nice),whenever we meet up its like we never were apart. I treasure these friendships!
I've been creative... with Photoblox. Go check out my new little side project- 365 Days on Jupiter - for a photo/quote a day goodness!

What have you been up to lately?

A Weekend in Pictures #25

Easter weekends are always good here on Jupiter. It's family time and that is always good.

* When gran comes to visit, she brings with her a whole lot of pretty - blue floral shower cap.

*  I just adore the Frankie Magazine

* Catnaps

* Coffee and cake at pretty places

* New cat shoes. I might be turning into a cat lady I'm afraid.

* Joyrides and pouts with this pretty sister of mine

* Frida brooch and lace camisole = the perfect combo!

Hope you had a happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh Korea (a trip down memory lane)


Yesterday my sister and I went through some old photos of my year in Korea. Little sis is thinking of going to Korea in August so it was such fun to go on a trip down memory lane. These are some of my favorite pics.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Monday!


Have you heard of Depeapa?

Right now, its my favorite Etsy shop and thats quite something!