Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Dabie

One of God's greatest blessings are friends and I sure got blessed with abundance with my bestest Korean friend, David!

For 12 months David was not only my co-teacher, translator, tourguide, psychologist, PA, lifeline and the best shopping partner any girl could ask for but also my best mate in Korea! I truly and honestly dont know how I would've survived in Korea without David. He helped and supported me with such love and kindness and made my Korean experience so much fun. I also have to add here that we made a mean team in the classroom and won a prize TWICE for our teaching "performance"!!!

David is awesome - he always offered to carry my handbag (because that's what Korean gentleman do), and he is such a commited Christian and true example of Jesus's servetude. He is also turning 28 today (29 Korean age)!

Happy, happy, happy Birthday my dearest Dabie.
I miss you loads!!!