Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Weekend in Pictures # 22

With spring just around the corner, new life is visible everywhere. Not only are the blooms starting to show their pretty faces but the ducks in the park have expanded their family. The most exciting news, however, is that our family is expanding too. My cousin announced that they are expecting a little baby and on Saturday we went to celebrate with a gender-revealing cake. It was the sweetest idea - they asked the doctor to put the gender of the baby in a sealed envelope which they dropped of at the baker with strict instructions to bake a cake and then completely cover it with frosting. They asked the baker to colour the inside of the cake according to the baby's gender so that if the cake was pink on the inside, we would know its a girl or blue for a boy.
I cant remember when last I was so excited to cut a cake!

The remainder of the weekend was spend...

going for walks in the city * cooing a pretty baby * trying on cool glasses * celebrating a pink cake * going on park adventures * drinking tea at pretty tea shops * loving the little ducklings* feeling intensely happy that spring is on her way!


Sometimes last week, while sorting through the photographs on my computer, I noticed a peculiar thing - my penchant for taking photographs of my feet. Subconsciously I must've felt the desire to document my travels with a "these feet were here" photograph of all the wonderful places I've been blessed to see...

The Great Wall of China, Beijjing, China.

Airport, Hong Kong.

 Tea Ceremony, Busan, South Korea.

The Purple City, Hue, Vietnam.

 MSC Melody Cruise Liner, Cape Town to Nowhere, South Africa.

Sutherland, South Africa.
Nice, France.
 Oh, how I've lost my heart in these places.