Saturday, April 13, 2013

I want to ride my bicycle...

Cycling didn't come naturally to me as a kid . My family still joke about then time I slammed into the scrum machine, testing out my new BMX. They think its hilarious that I would choose to crash into the only thing standing on a open rugby field. I don't think its so funny - having a scar on my knee as a reminder of the unlucky encounter might have something to do with absent sense of humor. Lucky for me, adulthood made up for it and now one of my favorite memories is cycling through the gardens of Versailles.

So it's with serious cycling envy that I share these pics of the 2013 London Tweed Run that happened today. Not only do these guys get to cycle through the streets of London on vintage bicylces!!!!! But wearing tweed is compulsory.

Vintage bicycles guys?! Tweed!!!


Oh, how I wish Cape Town would host one of these!!

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