Thursday, April 11, 2013

Terrarium DIY

This afternoon, while vising the local dollar store, I found the most beautiful hanging vases - perfect for creating terrariums.
I immediately set to work and within 20 minutes I was a terrarium richer.
I was surprised at how incredibly easy it is to make one of these beauties so I thought I'd share - all you need is some soil, tiny stones, a selection of succulents and you are good to go!
I had a couple of succulents that needed replanting so I used them and the scoop of soil I kindly got from the nursery down my street.
With terrariums it's of utmost importance that the vase is clean so wash it before use. Then add some soil and plant your greens. Because a glass vase has no drainage, succulents are the best choice. They need at the most a few drops of water so drainage shouldn't be a problem (unless you are over watering them)
Finish of your terrarium with some tiny stones. I used these white ones I also got from the kind nursery.
Easy as pie.
The hardest part was to find a spot where a naughty Siamese kitten claws cant reach.
 In the end, the bathroom window won.
Now I not only have one but two beautiful terrariums to adore while I take a bath.
One more reason to look forward to leisurely soaks!

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