Monday, May 14, 2012

I love my Mama!

So yesterday was Mothers day and because we were so busy having fun, I never got to publish this post.
Rather late than never, right?

I really have the most amazing mama! I can think of a million reasons why she is the best in the world, but it would take way to long to type and I'm not sure if one post can be that long so on the top of my head, these are my 5 favorite reasons:

1. With Mom around, there is always laughter in the air.

My dad fell in love with my mom because of the way she laughed and after 30 years she still laughs all the time. The funniest thing about my mommy is that she laughs the loudest at her own jokes which kind of cause one to laugh at the way she laughs about
her joke, more than the joke itself. I love that about her. 

2. She is sew talented

When it comes to needlework, my mom is freaking amazing. She can knit, sew, crochet, cross stitch... you name it, she can do it. When we were little she use to sew us birthday dresses. Now we get crochet blankets and quilts.

3. Kind heart? That's her..

When my dad got murdered in an armed robbery 10 years ago, my mom was suddenly a single parent of 3 teenage girls. It must've been scary as hell but she did such a great job teaching us by example. Forgiveness, kindness, how God is good and how its never okay to stereotype is lessons my mom taught me.

4. Super fun mom

I love spending time with my mom. She is so much fun. Dancing under the moonlight, mid-week shopping sprees, singing on the top of our voices in the car, laughing until our bellies ache because of a fridge magnet and English tea parties are some of my favorite memories.

5. Unconditionally loved.

What a blessing to know that your mom will love you no matter what. As a teacher I came to realise what a blessing good parents are. Its not as common as one would expect and there is a lot of hurt in this world caused by bad parenting. May I dare to say that I don't believe in problem children, only problem parents?! So I count my blessings for a mom like mine.

I love you momster!

Happy (belated) Mother day to you all!!!

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