Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I've been planning...lessons for school that is due to start in little less than a week.
I've been eating...salad upon salad upon salad. I'm completely addicted to Cesar salads right now!
I've been splurging  on.... car expenses. Renewed drivers licence, renewed car licence, parking all adds up!
I've been reading... "The Hobbit" an incredible speed. I want to read it before I see the movies and with only a few weeks left on the circuit there is no time to waste.
I've been wearing....maxi skirts and peep toe shoes.
I've discovered.... that karma is a bitch if you were one.
I've been struggling with....counting the days to a dreadful plane ride.
I've been inspired by... 365 day photography projects. It's ambitious but I might just do one of my own this year.
I've been indulging in ..... late nights in the company of friends.
I've been creative... with colour. Three tins of paint to bring summer to my apartment.

What have you been up to lately?

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