Thursday, June 28, 2012


A few weeks ago, a homeless kitten made its appearance scavenging food from the neighbour's Persian. Instantly the green eyed cutie stole my heart and I was pretty much smitten right from the start. It was not a mutual feeling though because as soon as anyone would as much as look in his direction, the little thing would disappear in the darkness. I let it be! I had my own reservations about adopting a feral cat and catching it.. well, that was another story. But as winter crept closer, I became increasingly worried. There was no way that a little kitten could survive the Cape Town rains and besides, it broke my heart that this little creature had to fend for himself. 

It is said that food is the way to a man's heart and it was definitely true for this little mister. Every day Viv and I would put out some food for him, placing it closer and closer to us until..............

It's been a week since Oliver* became part of this household and I couldn't be happier. I am amazed at how quickly he learned to love us. So much so that he even allow us to pick him up and hold him a little. I guess the fact that we listen to Cat Stevens, drink milk with honey before bed and believe in catnaps as essential to good living, counted in our favour.

As for me, I am totally in love with my kitten.
I love the way he plays with the curtains and his tail.
I love watching him loving his pink mouse that lovely Timo bought him.
I love the colour of his velvet fur and the touch of the smooth underside of his paws.
I love how he fights off villans in his dreams and gulp down his milk.
I love his courageous heart and playful nature.
I love how he falls over his own feet when playing with a tennis ball and how he snuggles with us during nap time.

And I thank God for blessing me with another amazing cat!

* named so after the little orphan, Oliver Twist


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