Monday, March 14, 2011

Beautiful braids

Some people might find this strange but my mother brushed and tied my hair until I went to 8th grade.
I loved it.
I still love it when people brush my hair!
I find it very soothing and sometimes I go to the hair salon for a wash only, just so that somebody else would work with my hair. I usually relax completely and fall asleep.

A few days ago I paged through a  magazine and saw this lovely picture of a bride that braided her hair.
I loved it so much  and told my mother how I would like to do that for my own "wedding hair"... someday.
My mom then gave it a try and except for the fact that it felt so good....

....the result was quite pretty too.....
(for a first try)


Jill said...

Truchen... It's beautiful! :)

Claudz said...

I love it when someone plays with my hair.
It looks so pretty!!