Tuesday, March 15, 2011


They say that you get two types of people in this world....

....cat people and dog people....

I am, without a doubt, a cat person.

I've always loved cats from as long as I can remember.
Unfortunately my family never shared my enthusiasm.
My father was terribly allergic to cats and my mother and sister just didn't like them....well, that was untill Vally came into our lives....

About a month ago, during a beach holiday, little Valley Cat just pitched up on the doorstep of the beach house were my sister visited. Not wanting to encourage him, they ignored the kitten, thinking it was somebody elses cat....but the next morning, the cutie was still there. Unsure what to do, my  sister took him to the nearest vet but the vet informed her that should nobody come and collect him in the next few days, they would have to put him to sleep. And so the former cat-hater turned into the biggest cat-lover I know!!!

Well, we kind of share that title now!!

(Oh, and if you are wondering about the name,  lil' sis is studying fashion design and it's very fashionable to name your cat after your favorite designer!:-)


Jill said...

She's gorgeous!!! I've never seen a cat with that pattern of fur!

Betty Bake said...

awwww so cute - I got a kitten last weekend :) and she is adorable.

Cats ROCK!!!


Betty Bake x
ps although I do have a pretty rhodesian ridgeback (dog) too ;)

Jasmin said...

aaah, thanks guys!!!
He is a pretty adorable guy, isnt he?!
@ BB congrats with your kitten, hope she brings lots of joy!!