Sunday, December 5, 2010

Heidi ....for a good cause


I don't know if you guys have noticed the change of profile pictures on Facebook?
It's lots of fun, is'nt it? All of a sudden my friends look like cartoons!
Well, what's actually going on is that the  NSCPP are trying to raise awareness for child abuse and are urging everybody to partake by changing their FB profile picture to that of their favorite childhood cartoon character.

Reading about it, I immediately chose Heidi!!!
As a little girl, my mom was very strict about what we watched and how long we spend in front of the TV. Luckily Heidi was allowed and I didn't miss an episode. I absolutely adored Heidi and loved going on adventures with her, Peter and Clara. I loved Heidi so much that I would cry every time an episode ended, asking "where did Heidi go?" and my mom had to think of clever plans to get me away from the TV before the catchy song at the end, started playing.

Oh, how I wish Heidi would show again!! I'm sure I would still love it just as much!

What was your favorite cartoon as a child my dearest blogger friends? I would love to know!

(Also, please partake in this really sweet FB awareness campaign - its so much fun - especially to see your friends favorites - and it is for a good cause!)


Hayley said...

Oh I loved Heidi too. I used to have a Heidi necklace that i have been looking for forever...

Jill said...

Well, if you can understand Portugese, you can download all 5 seasons here! :)