Friday, December 3, 2010


Have you ever tried one of these lovelies?
I am sorry to say that, up until today, I haven't.
To be completely honest, I had plenty opportunity but stupidly declined because I was kinda grossed out by this fruit that resemblance an overripe tomato!
Then today I was offered a slice and because its rude not to eat what you are offered here in Korea, I decided to be brave!
Love at first bite!!!!

image found here


Nell said...

These are so good. SOOOOO good. Good on you for trying new things...even if you were forced! Have an awesome weekend lovely xx

Hayley said...

Never even heard of them. What do they taste like?

Jasmin said...

I agree with you dearest Nell, SOOOO good.
Dearest Hayley, its so hard to describe what it taste like as I really havent ever tasted something like it before! Its got a jellylike cosistancy when really soft (more like an apple when not as soft) and its sugary sweet with a fruity caramel taste! Gosh, I hope this makes sense. Nell, please help!!! :-)

Hayley said...

Oooohs sounds divine!