Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tea for three

On Wednesdays, two of my closest girl friends and I have a standing date to go for a cup of tea with lots of girl talk and some shopping afterwards! I love our Wednesday "girl time" and we even cutely named our weekly date "Tea for Three". Chris love to tease me about it, but I dont care! I cannot imagine my week without the company of these very special girls who I absolutely adore!

(Oh, and if you  are wondering: Yes, those are matching scarves. We also have matching earrings! Really girly and silly of us...especially seeing that we are all on the wrong side of 20 but if you can't be silly with your girl friends, who can you be silly with?)


Jill Hoppy Anderson said...

The feeling is completely mutual my dear!!!

Jasmin said...

Love you lots, Jilly!!!!