Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blogging....a hundred years ago!

Have you ever wondered what life without blogging must've been like?
Well, judging from these adorable vintage photographs,  not much different at all!!!!

Although snailmail was used instead of cyberspace, these cuties still found a way to tell the world about....

(grey+white pinstripe suit/ black plastic shoes/white blouse/corsage=4 white carnations and 2 red roses. Arent I a stinker?)

....their daily outfits

(I love you)


(the best is yet to come)

...and marriage!

(Betty, shoveling it down)

Fun with friends and family.....

(I didnt want my picture taken now!)

Some preferred staying anonymous

....while others liked to use photoshop

(he's the sun)

Quirky quotes to match dreamy photographs is apparently nothing new!

(Lois Appelgate: her usual pose)

 Some liked to share info on their daily activities.....

(lost weekend)

....or weekend adventures.

(Just remember darling, Ive got a tag on you and you are not for sale. All my love, Jimmy)

Tagging each other wasnt impossible either!

(waiting for the "male")

...and just like us, these cuties checked their mail on a regular basis!

I found these adorable vintage  photographs here 


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I love vintage photos!

Loveable Lulu said...

This is such a wonderful post - vintage pictures make my imagination run wild as to the possible stories behind them... ♥

FarmGirl said...

Love these photo's!