Saturday, December 29, 2012

5 Favorites on Friday: Most memorable moments of 2012

 If I had to choose one word to describe 2012, it would have to be "change". Not only did I change cities, apartments and schools this year but I also ended a 3 year relationship and started studying photography. I would lie if I said it wasn't hard at times but there is this famous saying that goes "change is as good as a holiday" and it's so very true. In the end, all this change brought with only amazing adventures and experiences and these are 5 of my favorites:

When Roxette announced their visit to South Africa earlier this year, I could hardly contain my excitement! I've been a die-hard fan since the age of 12 (you can read the blog post  here) and I was not going to miss this concert for anything. Lucky for me, we were quite a group of girls who loved Roxette so we made a girls night of it sang our little hearts out to our favorite 80's songs! For days afterwards, "Listen to Your Heart" was stuck in my head but then I noticed a peculiar thing... for some reason I had an abnormal amounts of visitor traffic centred around this blog post. At first I ignored it but when it started getting real crazy, I followed the  traffic source. What a surprise when I realised Roxette linked my blog review to their official web page. Such an honour!!!Thanks Roxette , you rock!!

It was only when I hit my mid 20's that I realised I was moving into adult territory. Suddenly eye creme became part of my daily beauty routine, "pension fund" appeared on paycheck deductions and I received invitations to friends weddings. Wedding fever hit hard and this year alone, I attended 8 weddings. Not that I complain at all - I love weddings!!! The wedding that stands out the most though, is that of my best friend. We've been friends for more that 15 years so it was an immense honour to be one of her bridesmaids. This was the girl that I grew up with, who played dolls with me as a kid and knew all the Back Street Boys lyrics; who tore out Leonardo Di Caprio pictures from her mother's Huisgenoot so that I could paste them in my scrapbook and swapped sandwiches during break; who waited for me at the gate on the first day of high school and was there to celebrated the last; who laughed and cried over hundred pots of a tea and chased up the phone bill. And after half a lifetime it was one of the most remarkable experiences to see this Miss finding her Prince Charming and becoming a Mrs.

When Groupon launched a special deal on boat cruises earlier this year, some girlfriends and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a girls weekend. So on the last weekend of January  we packed our swimsuits and sailed away in the Cape sunset on a cruise to ...nowhere. For three glorious days we floated around, sipping Pina Colades while bathing in the sun, eating more than we should and laughing till our bellies ached.

Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, high above sea level, there is a little town called Sutherland. Renowned for it's stargazing and home to the biggest telescope in Africa, this tiny town is little more than a dust road, a few teeny shops and a handful of Victorian houses. With no malls, bad Internet reception and cold as can be, the one thing that Sutherland does not lack, is charm. So it was not completely incomprehensible when I lost my heart on this old school beauty. On both visits (see here and  here)to this pretty town, time passed at a slower pace as we baked our own bread, listened to the only radio station of the area, played board games till late at night and took leisurely walks at noon.

It is only right that a Francofile goes to France so after a long distance love affair with this beautiful country that lasted well over 10 years, I saved up, sucked it up and finally went to meet my object of affection. Pretty France did not disappoint and for two wonderful weeks I got to know this beaut a little better. Chocolate crepes, coffee and croissants, amazing art and the most intricate argitecture, breathtaking Provence, French simplicity, art, architecture and wine that blows your mind - what's not to love? I came back dirt poor and 3kgs heavier but even more madly in love with beautiful Paree, amazing Avignon and chocolate croissants.

Would love to hear about your favorite moments of 2012 so leave a link in the comment box and I will be sure to check it out!

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