Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello, you fool...I love you!!!

Way back in the early 90's, when mixed tapes were cool and I was still a pre-teen, my taste in music was altered forever when my friend introduced me to Roxette.  From the first notes of "Listen to Your Our Heart" my life long love affair with Roxette began. It wasn't always smooth sailing though. Our Roxette tape, marked as "Love Songs", we had to keep hidden and it was our little secret - our parents didn't approve of us listening to songs about "making love on backseats of cars" and the Bible study group called it "New Age". Our 12 year old selves didn't care though because we loved Roxette and whenever our Walkman batteries went flat, we would go sit in our parents cars fast-forwarding and rewinding our tape endlessly to listen to our favorite song.

Not much has changed in 15 years. CD's might have replaced mixed tapes and Justin Bieber might be the new teenage cool but  Roxette is still my favorite. So last night, when they performed here in Cape Town, it was really a dream come true seeing Roxette live.

We must've looked like real fools because us girls, all over 25 and die-hard  Roxette fans, went completely crazy - sort of like teens at a rock concert. Today I have no voice and "brown eyed girl turn blue" is stuck in my head but I couldn't care less because Roxette, I love,no,!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi so nice to have read your blog on your Roxette concert experience! I'm a huge Roxette fan myself and follow the tour on the net religiously! I also enjoyed the concerts, yes all three in SA last month tremendously! Roxette just offers it all. Fast funky songs, slow ballads = perfect.
If you want to check out my concert pics on fb, here is a link to my page. Regards, Heidi, CT