Friday, June 8, 2012


I've been trip to France, my birthday bash, my winter wardrobe and what to do with my upcoming vacation
I've been eating....aubergine avo and feta stacks (recipe coming soon), liquorice, grapefruit and peanut butter toast.
I've been listening to....Roxette, Lighthouse family and Gabriel by Joe Goddard on repeat. 
I've been dreaming about..... visiting Korea, Tweed jackets, lace up boots and Chanel Mademoiselle.  
I've been splurging on....moleskin notebooks, Roxette concert tickets, blackboard  paint and a little black dress. 
I've been learning....basic French, how aperture and shutter speed works and that the virtues of friendship.  
I've been wearing....coats, jackets, colorful scarfs and lots of tartin.
I've been praying for....patience, broken hearts and the gift of unconditional love.
I've discovered.... Royale Eatery which have the best burgers in town (if not the world).
I've been struggling with....patience, keeping to my healthy eating plan (Royale Eatery is to blame) and overexposure when I take photographs.
I've been happy about...precious friendships, time with family, blooming hyacinths, my kitten napping on my lap and that it's citrus season again.
I've been inspired by.....Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, Sophie Dahl recipe books and monasteries in France.
I've been indulging in ..... long baths, rooibos tea, wedding festivities and chocolate yogurt.
I've been creating...a blackboard in my kitchen and a travel journal.

What have you been up to lately? 

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