Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today I am thankful for....

Every year, on the 19th of June, my breath is blown away at the amount of love I receive on my  birthday. This year was no exception! In fact, I had to wipe away the tears on several occasions when the moment just got to big! I am so very, very blessed ....and thankful ......for the family and friends I have;  for walking into a class of singing kiddos, fighting to hug their teacher and spending the little pocket money they have to buy me a chocolate; for calls, mails and text from friends close bye and very far away; for a family heirloom that now became mine to cherish; for a much desired gift by a very special friend; for cards that teared me up, dinner at my favorite place, cupcakes with candles to blow out and for bunches of flowers.

And all I can do is close my eyes and thank Him for grace, love and favor.

(photo taken with little sis' Blackberry)

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Omit said...

Happy Birthday!