Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've been planning...exam papers (ah, the joys of being a teacher) and a trip to my beloved Sutherland this coming June.
I've been eating... butternut feta pasta, butternut-orange soup and way to many cupcakes. 
I've been listening to..... my beautiful new little radio .
I've been dreaming in another country for another year.
I've been splurging on....a French dictionary, blue and white porcelain and a vintage print. 
I've been learning.... about Roman history, how to tame a ferile kitten, how some of the settings on my camera work and the names of fruit in French.
I've been wearing....woolly socks and pajamas whenever I can.
I've been praying for.... peace, clarity and some vacation.
I've discovered.... roasted butternut with rosemary is a new favorite and cards are often my favorite part of a gift.
I've been struggling with....time management, tiredness, Cape Town winter weather, and finding some "alone-time".
I've been happy friends, old friends, birthday parties, an amazing gift, a new kitten and some vintage decor for my little place.
I've been inspired by.... rainbows (one advantage of CPT winters) and this advice.
I've been indulging in ..... afternoon naps (when I have the time) and long telephone conversations with far-away friends.
I've been creating... castles in the clouds.

What have you been up to lately?

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Poisoned Princess said...

Used your post for blog inspiration and added a link to your blog.

happy birthday for the 19th by the way :)