Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For dinner, tonight...

If anything like reincarnation should exist, I am quite convinced that I was Indian in my previous life because I LOVE Indian food. I've never tried, but I am pretty sure that I could eat Indian food every day. Unfortunately most Indian dishes are a bit too heavy for South African summer days like we are currently having but luckily I have the perfect recipy to cure my curry cravings.

For a brief stint, in my university days, I worked at a lovely little restaurant called Cotage Fromage. There the chef taught me how to make Rooibos tea lattes and....drum roll please.....
curry mayonnaise.

It might sound a little odd at first but let me assure you, it is soooo good and it jazz up a plain old chicken salad like you wouldn't believe.

Oh, and the added advantage is that it is super easy to make.
All you need is:

2 tablespoons of good quality mayo
A tablespoon of chutney
A table spoon of milk (for a more runny consistency)
1 teaspoon of curry powder

Mix it well and pour over a chicken salad to turn it into an Eastern delight.

If you like Indian food, you will love this salad dressing.

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