Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tretchi LOVE

As a belated birthday surprise, Chris took me to a Tretchikoff exhibition today!!
Tretchi-WHO, you may ask?

Recognise any of these?

Tretchikoff (who also lived in South-Africa for most of his life) is known as the "King of Kitch" and I absolutely adore his work.  Art critics may frown upon this but the "King of Kitch" might just be one of my favorite artists. I guess this mean that I have kitch taste????? I don't care!!!! Tretchikoff's  paintings make me really happy! Double happiness when my best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world take me to go see my favorite-artist -in-the-whole-wide-world's work which are currently on exhibition here!!!!
(If you happen to live in CPT, please do yourself a favor and go!!! Oh, and take your grandmother with - it will bring back fond memories and she will love it)

But I also have my own special little Tretchi-story to tell.
Before my life as a teacher, I use to work in a wonderful little decor shop in the heart of Cape Town. Tretchikoff passed away three years prior and his grandaugher decided to do an exhibition in memory of her grandfather. I knew about Tretchikoff and always liked his work so I was super excited when his grandaughter chose our decor shop as a venue. For a month we worked tiredlessly as the crowds flocked to our shop to see the wonderful works on display and buy his well-known prints. Secretly I would've loved buying one of my own but a signed copy was a bit more than what I could afford. Still, working so closely with his grandaughter who knew all the interesting bits and background information on each painting, was so interesting and I loved every moment!
Then, on the  last day of the exhibition, as we were saying our goodbye's, Tretchikoff's grandaughter asked me which of the prints was my favorite. "Miss Wong" I answered.  The next day a courier came to deliver a package at the shop.....

....a signed "Miss Wong" print and lovely thank you note.
Lucky girl?!! Thats me!


Jill said...

glad you're back to blogging! Can I make a request though... an you post about your job and apartment with pictures? I'm d-y-i-n-g to see your life in SA! Miss you sister!

Jill said...

Geez, my grammar and spelling was horrendous in that last post! FAIL!

Jasmin said...

Jilly, ofcourse I will. Still doing the last decor finishing touches and need some help (see my latest post) with a clever Alcove idea but will def share soon - PROMISE!!! Miss you too - SO SO MUCH!

ansie said...

Great dat jy terug is. Ek moet nog die gaan sien! Liefies

Boris Gorelik said...

Hi, Jasmin! If you're interested in Tretchikoff, you might like to visit my blog about his art: