Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jaded (belated) birthday!

During my recent trip to China, I completely fell in love with Jade and it was especially on a pair of studs (similar to the picture above) that I lost my heart. Because the Jade factory, where I spotted the beauties, was aimed at tourists and very pricey and they didn't bargain down prices either, everybody told me that I could find a cheaper pair somewhere else. Unfortunately it wasn't true and after searching the entire Silk Market, I left China without pretty Jade earrings and very disappointed!

Luckily this story has a happy ending!!!
Yesterday whilst shopping in a Korean market, something greenish coughed my eye on the table of jewellery I was busy beloved Jade studs!!!!! I couldn't believe my luck and immediately snatched them up. Even greater was my joy when they came at a fraction of the original China price!!! Without further hesitation I put my new earrings on and haven't taken them of since!!! I just love them so much and can't help but smile every time I catch a green shimmer when I look in the mirror!

My mom gave me some birthday money which I haven't spend yet, so I bought my new Jade pretties with it! Thank you Mommy!!!


Michelle said...

ahh how exciting! they're gorgeous!

Hayley said...

So pretty!

Jasmin said...

Thank you sweethearts! Glad you like them too! Have you bought any interesting jewellery lately? Please share!