Thursday, December 2, 2010

Banana love

With winter here, it's time to start making yummy hot drinks again.
I recently tried a Banana Latte at a local coffee shop and it was SO good that I went back again and again and again .....until I figured out that they are SO easy (and much cheaper) to make yourself.
All you need is :

Banana flavored milk and a shot of expresso. Heat the milk, add the expresso and viola!!!!

(image found on


Jill said...

You went back there without me?!! (sad face) Have you found banana milk and figured out how to make the heart? If so, I'm coming over next week!

Becca said...

Banana flavored milk??
Is that possible?

Jasmin said...

@Jilly, please come over for some banana latte this week. Ill make you the best one ever!!!! with a heart (biscuit), I promise!

Jasmin said...

@ Becca: Dont you guys have banana milk? Its like strawberry milk or chocolate milk but only in the banana flavor. SO good! You've got to try it - addictive I tell you :-)