Tuesday, December 7, 2010

After this weekend....


.... I am thankful for:

* playing dress-up...in Korean traditional attire :-)

* my Korean cookings skills improving in such a way that I can actually invite a friend over for a bowl of Bibimbab. YAY!!!

* Sunday bruch, coffee and a movie - whoop whoop.
Have you seen "The Switch" with Jennifer Aniston? It's really cute!

* Hair growth. My dearest Chris decided to shave his hair this weekend and I am so sad. I know that it's just hair but I love his curls and they are so soft and bouncy and I just love playing with them! Now, two months shy before my return, mister decided to give the "cancer patient" look a try and shaved those pretty curls down to a No 4!!!!  I almost cried but as  I said (and keep reminding myself), I am thankful that hair grows back!!!!

* With just three weeks left before Christmas, the festive spirit is definitely tangelable here in Korea. The lights are up, decorations glisten in the streets and christmas music is playing everywhere. I am definintely feeling feeling it!!!! Are you?

* Starbucks Green Tea Latte's - they are soooo yummy!!!

Hope you had a lovely weekend dearest Blogger friends!!!

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FarmGirl said...

Love this time of the year!

Mackenzie said...

Such a great little list! and OH MAN, take advantage of those curls! I can't wait till I get a man-friend with curls for me to play with!

Jasmin said...

Thanks girls!
Mackensie, just make sure there is no clippers close to your curly man-friend. Boys and clippers are a fatal combination :-)
Love your blog, bye the way but for some reason I cant seem to comment on any of your posts! What do I need to do? Please help!!!

ansie said...

Jy klink altyd so lekker opgewek, vol van die joys of life. Dis mooi, moenie verander nie. Draai Chris se nek om, ek word net so kwaad vir Werner altyd, omdat hy sulke mooi krulle het!