Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today I am thankful for.....Bibimbab

My gosh, I haven't done a "thankful" post in such a long time!!! Not that I don't have a lot to be thankful for, in fact, "my cup runneth over" but tonight I'm especially thankful for a cooking lesson, amazing dinner and great chat with a treasured friend.

Jill, the sweet thing, invited me for my favorite Korean dish - Bibimbab - but first she showed me exactly how to make it.
Bibimbab is basically rice, Korean veggies and a fried egg. Its really yummy, easy to make and very, very healthy. Finding the ingredients anywhere else in the world might proof to be a bit tricky, but here is the recipe (just in case you live close by a Korean grocery store and feel the need for healthy comfort food):


Cooked rice
a fist full of bean sprouts
a fist full of spinach
a few slices of cucumber

fern brakes (kosari)
1 small carrot,
1 small potato cut in strips
an egg
 hot pepper paste
 sesame oil

Cut the veggies into edible pieces and sauté separately for about 30 seconds

prepare an egg with sunny side up.

Put your rice in a big bowl, and attractively display all your vegetables on top of it.

Place the sunny side egg in the center.

Serve it with sesame oil and table spoon of hot pepper paste.

Lastly, mix it up and eat

* this might sound a bit weird and may look a bit unappetising, but let me tell you, its delicious!

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