Sunday, October 3, 2010

Love letters

My "adopted" grandmother has a box of love letters, in the bottom of her closet, that her husband  wrote to her years and years ago before they got married. Just like me and Chris, they had to spend a year apart so that she could  she help her parents on the farm whilst he fought in the second world war. After the war they got married, had two daughters and lived a love-filled lifetime together. They were married for 65 years when he passed away last year. Losing him, she describes as losing a limb - he was a part of her being, always by her side and now that space is emtpy. But even after all this years, she still has every single letter, all tied together with a red ribbon and they are her most treasured possession.

A few weeks Chris and I celebrated our One Year Anniversary (whoohoo!!) and decided to follow the tradition anniversary gift "guide" which states paper as the first gift. His paper present from me was the corniest, pinkest, heart drizzled card I could find but I never told you what amazing gift Chris gave to me!!!!!

Because we have another 4 months left of being apart - me in Korea and Chris in South-Africa - my sweetest Chris gave me the best-est gift of real, handwritten love letters send via postal mail! I absolutely LOVE love letters and always secretly wished for a little pack of my own, tied with a bright red (or pink) ribbon, which Ill keep to show my grand daughters when I'm old and grey. My first love letter from Chris, arrived last week and gave me such immense joy...and of course I’ve read it close to hundred times by now! I sure am a very lucky girl and thank God for blessing me with such an amazing boyfriend!

(p.s: China posts and photo's coming soon!!!)


Hayley said...

oh wow...that is so incredibly beautiful!

Nell said...

That is so so lovely. What a beautiful tradition to carry on. Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is really awesome and I'll definitely be back (umm, that wasn't meant to come across in a weird Arnie Schwarzenegger way)! xx

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Awww! Warm fuzzies. Such a lovely story about your grandmother. And now you will have letters to pass down as well :) xo

Jill Hoppy Anderson said...

Okay, I'll be the nosy one who asks! What did the letter say?!!!

Jasmin said...

Hi guys, thanks for the sweet comments! You are all so kind and I feel really blessed to have such nice blogger friends!

Well, dearest Jill, first he teased me by writing a little note to our "grand children" how this letter was actually for them...:-) cute! Furthermore he just spoke about our hopes and dreams for the future and other lovely-dovey stuff adequate for a "love letter" :-)