Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paper love

Chris and I are soon to be celebrating our "one year anniversary" and I'm so excited. This had definitely been the best year of my life so far and I'm so lucky to have met the "perfect guy" - he is smart, really funny, attractive, kind, has amazing patience with me, a good listener and he really, really loves me in the most unselfish, soul-nurturing way!!! I sure am a lucky, lucky gal!

Of course, knowing what to get one another for an anniversary can be quite daunting so after some talk, we decided it might be fun to follow the "traditional anniversary gift guide". Well, I know its actually supposed to be for wedding anniversaries but we figured since it is sixty years of anniversaries before you get to the really good stuff..... like diamonds, it would be beneficial to start sooner than later. So this year, our anniversary gifts to each other will be "paper".

I already got him a "paper" gift (which Ill show you guys a bit later - he is not allowed to know what it is yet and I'm scared he'll sneak a peek if I post it on my blog) but I got really excited about our new little ''tradition" and I actually found some amazing paper gifts that I really wouldn't mind ........

paper cutting by briancassidydesigns

paper yarn jewellery by handmade charllotte

paper hearts by tanithsoddsandends

paper cutting by Tinatarnoff

paper flower by ferntree flowers

paper bird garland by sureasblue

print by sureasblue

paper cutting by Tinatarnoff

.....but in the end, after all the gifts and other trivialities, the most important thing to remember is this:


Jill Hoppy Anderson said...

This is my all time favorite Jasmin on Jupiter blog post! You are lucky to have Chris, and he is UNBELIEVABLY lucky to have you!

When's the actual anniversary date! I have a gift for you! :) Made by muah, with guess what material?!

PAPER, duh!

Jasmin said...

Thanks dearest Jill, you are so sweet!!!
Oooh,a paper surprise for me that you made yourself? I cant wait to find out what that might be!!!! You are really the sweetest friend alive.
Our anniversary is tomorrow actually. sooo excited.
Will tell you all about it!!