Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Today, Chris and I are celebrating our "1 year anniversary" - Hurray!!!!

Unfortunately, we are spending it 15000 kilometers apart from each other due to the fact that I am currently in Korea whilst Chris is still in South-Africa. This "minor" detail of 15 000 km, however, doesn’t mean that we are not making it an extra special day!!! We have a special Skype date planned and I mailed him this really adorable card.

Now, wait! Before you get the impression of me as a really "tacky" person, let me explain. I'm not usually one for Valentine's day "corny" memorabilia with fat old hearts, teddy bears and red roses BUT I figured since it’s our "1 year anniversary", it pretty much give me the license to go as corny as I can. After all it’s not every day that you get to celebrate your first anniversary, right? So I went on a search for the corniest card possible, with the pinkest envelope and the maximum heart shaped stickers I could possibly fit onto a single card - and then I post it to his very, very serious engineering firm. He's probably going to kill me, especially if his colleagues makes fun of him but I’ve always been of opinion that his office lacks some
 color ;-)

Do you think its a bit much?
Well, its supposed to be !

Happy Anniversary "my seuntjie"!


Lipgloss said...
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Jill Hoppy Anderson said...

YES!!!! It's even better than you described!

Lipgloss said...

so? tell us what he said! such a cute post!

Jasmin said...

Thanks guys!
Well, thanks to our lovely efficient postal service in South Africa, my package hasnt arrived yet (even though Ive send it like a month ago) so Im still waiting for his response. I kind of spoiled the surprise though, just had to tell him about what's in store for him. He just laughed, mumbled something about the envelope being pink and hoping that the crazy amount of stickers wasnt on the outside of the envelope (which it is) and then said he cant wait to get it! My brave boy!!!
Will keep you guys updated.....