Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scenes from the Indaba

 The past few days have been marked by hard work, little sleep, countless cups of coffee and lots of fun. It's wonderful to see how an idea is put into action and to be part of the process where hours of hard work and planning becomes a reality.

...and holding that business card in your hand for the first time, man, nothing beats that.


Megs H said...


Do you make those Photo Blox yourself? If so, how can we go about ordering them from you? Hope to hear from you soon:) Megs

Truchen said...

HI Megs H, yes I do - in a partnership. Pop me a mail at and we can go from there!

Megs H said...

Hey again, I email you this morning :) Hope to hear from you soon.

Victoria said...

Lovely lady!