Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've been planning...  Photoblox. Have you heard? It's this awesome new concept where you print your Instagram pictures on wooden blocks. I collaborated with the founder, Roche and ever since then Ive been a busy busy bee
I've been eating....too many macaroons. And ever since I busted my stove, I've been living on salads and cereal.
I've been dreaming about.... going to Japan. This blog doesn't exactly help to ease my Japanese obsession.
I've been splurging on.... veterinary expenses. Again. Little mister had to go for his snip. You know, the one that ensure no future kittens. Poor thing. Poor me - who had to pay for such a horrid expense.
I've been reading...the Frankie magazine. Man, I am obsessed by this piece of photographic/literary/fashion/DIY art. Such a pity that this beautiful magazine is impossible to find in South Africa. Luckily a friend of mine has a whole stash of them so now I am indulging in Frankie goodness. I might just fork out those dollars and get me a subscription. I might = I most-definitely-cannot-live-without-Frankie-so-I-will. A need people. It's a need! And I wont be told otherwise.
I've been wearing....whatever clothing I have that is clean. It's time to go visit mommy again because the washing pile is growing bigger and my choices of what to wear, smaller.
I've discovered.... this pretty shop that makes the most amazing notebooks and this talented, lovely photographer
I've been struggling with.... getting enough time to teach, Photoblox, drink enough water and baby a fragile kitten.
I've been happy about...some amazing opportunities, some inspirational friends and the fact that Friday is close by.
I've been inspired by... these wise words.
I've been creative... on Photoshop. Gosh, am I thankful for the Internet or what? What a blessing to be able to google if I need to know something. I feel like kissing each and every one who actually took the time to write tutorials for people like me.  


Bailey Schneider said...

I love this... Great blog :-)
You're dreaming of Japan and I'm dreaming of New York.
Mother Teresa's Anyway Poem is just magnificent -thanks for sharing

Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Diva Desle said...

Loving your blog;-)))

Truchen said...

Thanks guys! You are too sweet!