Friday, January 11, 2013

Five favourites on a Friday: Beauty products

It's the beginning of a new year which means only one thing - tons of social events and parties to attend. But I have to admit that although I love socialising, I don't like spending hours on getting ready. I am kind of a get-up and go girl. I'm not saying that I don't like dressing up, I really REALLY do but I prefer it not to be a 5 hour affair. Therefore I have a few trusted beauty tricks that I tend to stick to.

1. Red lips
Nothing chances one's appearance in an instant like red lips. I like mine bright red... and Viv-cat seems to like it too!

2.Be wise, moisturise!
If your skin is in a good condition, the beauty battle is half won. Unfortunately health, happy skin cant be faked, therefore I believe in a good skincare routine. Investing in a good moisturiser is crucial so I am a huge fan of Environ products. I only stared using it about six months ago but the difference is amazing! For a sun bird like me, I feel very lucky to have found a skincare range that caters for South African climate and with added vitamin A, I am fighting freckles and ageing one moisturise at a time!

3. Pretty toes
This summer almost all my shoes are peep toes, therefore pedicured toes are a "must".  But who wants to spend hours and bags full of money on a pedicure if you can have perfect toes in just a minute? Not me thanks, so I just love Yardley's "Quick Dry" range which is ready to wear within 60 seconds. Right now I am obsessed with coral nail-varnish with my favourite colour being "Candy Burst".

4. Smelly cat!
I'm not sure if "scent" strictly counts as part of a beauty routine but to me this often overlooked part of grooming is really important. Someone's scent is what you remember them by and there is this really beautiful South African poem, "My nooi is in 'n naartjie" (click here for the English translation) that describes it so well. My favourite is Bvlgari's "Jasmin Noir", Chanel's "Chance" and Jean-Paul Gaultier. I also love Narciso Rodriguez's "For Her" which is high on my "wants" list right now!

5. Mac-simize it!
Someone once told me that the trick to good make-up is to accentuate your "assets". My "assets" are my eyes so I try to highlight them as best I can - maybe little shadow, perhaps some liquid eye liner but always, ALWAYS mascara. My favourite is "Pumped Up" by Mac.

Do you have any beauty tricks that you'd care to share? 

Oh, and before I forget: happy Friday!!!!


Amy said...

That lipstick color is gorgeous!

Truchen said...

Thanks Amy! I love it too!