Saturday, July 14, 2012


I've been planning...on doing absolutely nothing! It's school vacation and I've been spending my days waking up late, reading, studying french and soaking up the winter sun.
I've been eating...hearty soup from pretty coffee shops, chicken bake with prunes and chocolate covered rice cakes.
I've been listening to..... Jack Johnson, Louis Armstrong and a lot of Counting Crows.
I've been dreaming about..... taking a sabbatical.
I've been splurging on....  these skin care products and glass mugs.
I've been learning...basic accounting, a little bit of French and how good it feels to be well prepared.
I've been wearing.... the most comfy skinny jeans, coats  and warm woolly shocks
I've been praying for.... time to stand still and my kitten to come back. Oliver ran away and I am heartbroken.
I've discovered.... hidden away coffee shops in Cape Town and the joys of cooking. 
I've been struggling with....cold hands, procrastination and planning in such a way that I don't feel overwhelmed with all the things I still need to get done.
I've been happy about... a unexpected spending money surprise and trip to the countryside
I've been inspired by.... this lady. I am currently reading her biography and man, she was awesome! Jamie Oliver's  Ministry of Food is right on top of the list when it comes to my favorite cookbooks.
I've been indulging in ..... corma curry made from scratch, sleeping in and afternoon walks in the city.
I've been creating... neat, organised spaces.


Jill said...

Oliver ran away?! NNNOOOOO!!!

Truchen said...

I know! I am so very, very sad!!!!