Wednesday, July 18, 2012

67 minutes

Today is Nelson Mandela's birthday and to celebrate it the Nelson Mandela Foundation made a call to donate 67 minutes of one's time to serve others.
After devoting 67 years of making beautiful South Africa a place of liberty and democracy, that's really not asking for much.

What did we do?


Well.....we peeled, chopped, grated and boiled until we had the perfect soup to hand out to the way-to-many people without homes that sleep on the sidewalk just down the street from where I live. How terribly easy it was to find hungry people. How terrifying that we are so accustomed to turning a blind eye. How sad that it takes an icon of hope's birthday to remind us that we have a responsibility.

Lets not wait for another year to pass?! Lets do this on a regular basis?! Once a month?! More? Yes!!!

At 94 Mandela still has the power to inspire!
Happy birthday Madiba. You are loved.


Timo said...

Ye we should do more :)

Shanti said...

What a great initiative