Monday, February 13, 2012

Bangers and mash

The nice thing about being seated at the "single" table of weddings, is that its so easy to make friends ....and all the better if those friends are from far-away places. One such a friend is Andy who lives in London. Knowing what it's like to travel by yourself, I took it upon myself to show my new friend my beloved Cape Town. He had only one night in the city so I planned to make most of it and show him everything.

It turned out that Andy's visit to Cape Town was actually more of a cultural experience for me than him. Instead of having a traditional South African meal like one would expect, Andy thought it wise to educate me on the ways of the English and so we had bangers and mash, drank beer and watched soccer (or “football” like they called it in England). Sounds dreadful? It was actually quite lovely.

Not being a soccer nor beer fan before, I didn't have an appreciation for bangers and mash either.

I always found bangers and mash lacking in the aesthetics department as it doesn’t exactly look like something I would like to eat....

(Andy assured me it was the absence of peas)
...but not even that stopped us from stuffing our faces with this yummy food.
And I have to admit that I kinda like it!

Thank you Andy for educating me on English pub culture....
....Oh, and convincing me to become an Arsenal fan.

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