Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend in Pictures # 5 (Camping)


This past weekend, a friend and I decided to go camping. It was my last weekend in the west coast before I move back to Cape Town and with the well-known Tietiesbaai just around the corner from where we live, it would’ve been such a waste not to make the most of it. Tietiesbaai is a nature reserve with no electricity and only sun panel-heated hot water. It’s pretty much as close to nature as one can get.  My dad use to be an avid camper and I have fond memories of camping as a little girl but not having camped for almost a decade, I had my reservations about "getting back to the basics". I can now honestly say that I need not have worried - I LOVED it. We practically camped on the beach, sunbathed, made coffee in tins on an open fire, ate crayfish to our hearts content and fell asleep in the cool sea breeze.  I loved camping so much that Chris and I decided to camp again this December. Who would've guessed?!

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