Sunday, July 10, 2011

Korean Cravings

Lately I've been having the strangest cravings for my favorite Korean foodies so today, when my lovely cousins (who also came to visit me in Korean) came by for tea, I decided to make us some Hotteok.

Hotteok is a variety of filled Korean pancake, and is a popular street food of South Korea. It is usually eaten during the winter season so it was perfect for a sunny winters day like we had here in South Africa today.

Just before I left for South Africa, my wonderful co-teacher, Miss Kim gave me a ready-made dry Hotteok mix so that I could prepare some of these lovelies for my family BUT it's not hard to make from scratch!!!
All you need is flour, water, milk, sugar, and yeast.

 Handful-sized balls of this stiff dough are then filled with a sweet mixture of brown sugar, honey, chopped nuts, sesame and cinnamon.

The filled dough is then placed on a greased griddle, and pressed flat into a large circle with a special tool that looks like a  stainless steel circle (I just used the back of a glass) and wooden handle as it cooks.
They are so yummy.

Go make some - you can find the recipe


Jill said...

Yum Truchie! I've tried to make them at home, and they didn't turn out like that! Yours a MUST better than mine!!

BTW: Your hair looks gorgeous!

Jasmin said...

Thanks Jilly!! Miss you muchness :-) Come visit and I'll make you some!