Thursday, December 30, 2010

As promised..... latest thrift finds.

 Now just so that you know, I am by no means what you would call a fashionista - in fact, when I was younger my mom often use to scold me about my odd taste in clothing! But I really can't help it!!! I believe in love at first sight, especially when it comes to clothes and when I fall in love with an item, I don't care if it goes with the shoes I have or that I have anything to wear with it, for that matter...I am terrible that way! But I love my clothes, every single piece of it and they become like friends to me - little partners I like to hang out with :-). What I don't like is paying an arm and a leg for these "friends"!!!! So thrift stores and vintage suits me perfect. I love nothing more that finding a forgotten beauty and although vintage stores always make me sneeze (I am terribly allergic to dust),  this is where I find most of my clothing!

Now, I kind of promised myself that I wouldn't do outfit posts. I love other people's outfit posts, don't get me wrong, but as for myself, I am way to self-concious to "model" my daily outfits .....I'm kinda funny like that. I don't mind showing my  latest thrifted beauties though, but for now you will have to imagine what it would look like  on  a real person instead of a hanger! Here we go...

 This is what I call my "Minni Mouse" dress. It's a vintage woolen dress with a velvet ribbon just below the beige "belt".

A charcoal wool dress ....

....but what I love most about this dress is the buttons at the back. A clever idea by a clever, crafty friend after I complained about this dress being so awfully plain!

I love "tartans" and for ages I've dreamt about owning a pretty tartan coat. When I saw this one for $8. 00, I jumped for joy!!!!

Do you ever buy stuff at thrift stores, dearest Blogger friends?
Have you bought anything interesting recently?
Care to share?

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dulci said...

I love Thrifting!! I always find such great stuff :)
Love the buttons on that dress!!