Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Gosh, no no no! Definitely not me!! I'm a city girl through and through!! But these pics as featured on Etsy had me fooled for a moment, making me think that I could, in fact, live a lovely farm life... Hmmm, bad Etsy, bad! Bad! BAD!!!

For a glimpse into the life of real farm girl, go check out this adorable blog

I'm part of a "Pay it Forward" project which are promoting South-African blogs and got assigned with this lovely "plaas japie".
 An interview with Mrs FG coming soon......

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FarmGirl said...

Love it!
Thanks so much.

Sid said...

Just read your interview on Heidi's blog.

Hoping you take lots of photos of Vietnam. When are you going? I have you return with good reviews. I might follow in your footsteps.

Betty Bake said...

nice pics jasmin :)
looking forward to your interview

Betty Bake

Jasmin said...

@ FarmGirl: Its such a pleasure. Your interview coming soon

@ Sid: Will def take lots of photos and blog about it. Im booked to go mid January - you are welcome to join me if you like, dearest Sid. Right now im backpacking solo - but dont tell my mom :-)

@ Betty Bake: Thanks Betty, this is so much fun!!! Thanks for the great initiative

Hayley said...

Love her blog!

ansie said...

Ai die plaaslewe lyk so romanties, rustig en lekker - maar ek weet nie of dit altyd so is in die werklikheid nie!