Monday, October 11, 2010

China - Day one: Acrobatic show

After our lovely Peking Duck meal it was back to the bus for our last stop, the Acrobatic show. And what a show it was?! The Acrobats were wonderful and the show was filled with lots of crazy tricks - juggling knives, spinning plates, stacking chairs - and at times it was so scary, that I couldn't look! Real birds performed in the show and I open mouthy stared at the spectacular things that was happening on the stage. But by the end of the show, I was so tired and overwhelmed by all that I have seen on our first  day that I really didn’t mind going to our hotel.

Up until now it was kind of unclear where we would stay, I only knew that it was a Holiday Inn and known for their amazing banquette breakfasts. But as I opened the door to our room, a new source of energy appeared my dear friends, because we entered the nicest, biggest hotel room with a lounge area, two double beds, flat screen TV, huge mirror and make-up area, closet and the very best – a bathroom…with a bath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both Gill and I was so excited that we jumped on our beds, laughing and shouting and probably waking the whole hotel. A BATH!!!!!!!!! Now, if this excitement about a “mundane” thing such as a bath got you wondering about my mental condition, it might be wise to explain to you, my dearest readers, that it has been exactly 8 months since I've had the privilege and joy of a bathtub. AND there are but a few things that I love more that a nice long soak in the tub (I got this from my mother). Unfortunately bathtubs are rarity in Korea and for the past 8 months I had to make do with a detachable shower head that is quite stingy with the amount of water it allows. Having access to a bath, was an absolute unexpected bonus and also the reason that I had to make due with just another five hours sleep – well, that is if you don’t count in the hour that I slept in the bath. Warm and fresh after my lovely soak, it was but a matter of seconds before I fell asleep in my marshmallow bed. Tomorrow I would climb out one of the 7 wonders of the world, and I needed all my strength for that…… (to be continued)


Becca said...

Jasmin, I like that you broke your trip- even your days- up into little bite-size pieces, to make it easier to follow along :)

Jasmin said...

Glad you like the "bite-size" posts Becca dear. By this rate Ill still be writing about China for the next few months but its good to know that people enjoy my story and that its easier to follow!:-)