Wednesday, October 13, 2010

China - Day 2: The Great Wall of China

At last it was time for me to plant my feet on one of the world’s wonders and once again I became one of those photo crazy tourists “clicking” away!!!

Originally build to protect the Chinese Empire against Northern intrusion, parts of the wall dates back as far as 500BC. An archaeological study recently concluded that this monstrosity, with all its branches, stretches for exactly 8851.8 km. Today it’s impossible to know how many a millions died building this wall but it’s quite spectacular, let me tell you! Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one that thought so, because the part of the wall we visited, which was a very touristy spot, was literally so crammed with people that there was a 10 minute traffic jam on the wall (I kid you not!!!!). Not that I minded though because there were so many "foreign" faces to chat too, and the little bit of rest was welcomed seeing that wall was extremely steep and the thousands of stairs were all a different size, shape and height. You really had to concentrate while climbing this miraculous wall and poor Gill got Vertigo, so I tried to hold her hand as much as I could but my legs were literally shaking when I reached the last step. The way back was even worse – really scary- and the people pushing and shoving didn’t really help either. So it really came as no surprise that I fell myself a pulp just after I reached the bottom (than goodness, rolling down the stairs could’ve cost my own and a few other lives- snowball effect would’ve been no laughing matter). My legs were literally jelly and just gave way underneath me. I fell so hard with a shoe flying and a bum in the air!!! My poor knee was bleeding, my elbow chaffed and my hip was blue for days to come!! I recovered quickly though, jumped up, dusted myself and posed for another photo. I mean, it’s not everybody that can say that they bought a piece of the great Wall with their own blood and tears!!!! If you ever stop by the Great Wall, please note that the tile, three squares away from the big monument at the entrance, belong to me!!! ;-)

Except for my great fall, the Wall was spectacular though and I was awe struck that this was all built 2500 years ago without the luxury of modern technology – AMAZING!!! (To be continued)

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