Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday mommy.....

Today is my mommy's 50th birthday and I can't find words to describe how sad I am that I can’t (fully) partake in the birthday fun. Our family has a little birthday tradition where we would wake the "birthday girl" at exactly 12am with a birthday song, tea, cake and pressies (regardless if it’s a school night or not) and then we all would have a midnight tea party in bed while my mom would tell us our birth story! It’s magical!
Unfortunately, this year, being in Korea and all, I couldn't really be there in flesh BUT thanks to awesome Skype (I heart technology) all wasn't lost. Also, I have two awesome sisters whom I know made this day extra special for my mom.
I know most women probably feel this way but I know that I have the best mother in the whole wide world ;-) As a little birthday message to her (and to prove my point) I added 50 reasons why this is so:

1. My mom always, always laughs - especially at her own jokes- and has the oddest but sweetest sense of humor ..

2. ...and the little bit of wrinkles that are starting to show, is actually just laughing lines

(Isn’t that awesome? your face displaying a lifetime of laughter?! I think it’s so beautiful)

3. Which brings me to the next point: my mom is breathtaking beautiful - from the inside...

4. .....and outside!

5. My mom is an utter lady - the way she talks, dress and carry herself

6. ....and she taught her three daughters to be ladies too

7. I have never, ever, not even in my teens, been ashamed of my mother.

8. My mom always makes tea in a teapot and still believes in drinking from fine bone china like Royal Albert.

9. She also believes that tea is the best way to find a solution for a problem, celebrating an occasion or just plain celebrating life.

10. My mom is always friendly...

11. ...not just to the people she knows, but also to the people she doesn't know...

12. .. and her life motto is " a stranger is just a friend you do not know"

13. This means that everybody, young or old, rich or poor, pretty or more beautiful feels completely at home with my mom

14. My mother has always given us a pretty home to live in - she is an incredible interior decorator...

15. ...and she has this amazing ability to beautify with little or what she has - not necessarily blowing the budget.

16. So I have always had a home I could be proud of and was lucky enough to grow up being surrounded by pretty things!

17. My mom single handily raised three daughters when my dad died...

18. ....and she did a pretty amazing job, not wanting to blow my own trumpet or anything :-)

19. My mom is amazingly strong and really the rock that grounds us all.

20. But she also taught her daughters to believe in her rock, which is Jesus!

21. She prays for us, and our future husbands, every night.

22. And I'm so glad that she adores Chris and already sees him as her "son"

23. My mom showed me, through her actions, what it means to be a loving, faithful and respectful wife...

24. and she decided to be a stay-at-home mom which was the best gift she could ever give me as a child...

25. ...and thus set an extremely good example of what a mother should be like

26. I know that my mom would basically do anything for me, and she did, she still does...

27. ..but she also advocated responsibility and maturity and thus never spoiled us (okay, well, just sometimes;-)

28. My mom never pushed me to excel in sports, school, art, music etc....

29...but she did encourage us to find our talents and fully develop our potential...

30 ..which resulted in her enrolling me for "proper" art class since the age of five - an initiative I’d always be thankful for!

31. My mom bakes the best caramel banana cake!!!!

32. Oh, and Apple Tarte Tartin

33. My mom is a loyal friend - not just to me (my mom is my best friend) but to all her friends - some friendships she has treasured for over 30 years

34. She and Chris's mom is also great friends - a little bonus that I'm so thankful for

35. My mom has green fingers - and her love for gardening is infectious

36. She also is an amazing florist and when I get married one day, I want her to do my wedding's flowers - that's how good she is.

37. Whenever my mom visits someone or someone visits her she gives them a little "tuzzie muzzie" posy of flowers out of our garden - really sweet.

38. My mom gives the best, objective advice ever...

39. ..and although it can be a tad annoying at times, she always make me consider the other "person's" point of view.

40. My mom loves her family more than anything else. As her children, we are first priority...

41. ...and she would give up anything, even if it sells herself short, to make sure that we are okay

42. She gave me on of the most precious gifts, a loving home and two rocking sisters!!! (as well as a good upbringing and solid education)

43. My mom crochet's the most amazing blankets...

44. ...and sew amazing stuff.

(My mom won the needlework award for my fashion designer sister during her final year of high school -shhhhttt, don't tell anybody)

45. Oh, and she writes amazing poetry

46. My mom raised us girls to believe we are beautiful, strong, and capable - to be anything we put our minds too

47. My mom dances with us, under the moonlight, to her favorite song..

48. ...and cry without shame during sad movies.

49. My mom is a loyal, caring, loving friend, daughter, wife, sister, mother, cousin, grandchild, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law etc. to everybody she knows

50. But most importantly, I'm lucky enough to be the daughter of this amazing women and being hers make me awesome too :-)

* this post is dedicated to my mom - Happy birthday mommy!!!!!!

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Jill Hoppy Anderson said...

Wow, Truchen! What a fabulous gift you just gave your momma!

She sounds amazing! I wanna meet her! Especially if she brings flowers along! :)

Becca said...

Wow so sweet! Laugh lines are so underrated. I think they are gorgeous and I bet she rocks them!

riekie said...

My Liefste Truchen-kind
Nederig staan ek voor die Vader
dankbaar vir 'n kind soos jy
wonderlikste geskenk wat ek ooit kon kry -
drie dierbare meisiekinders
elke een pragtig verby

ansie said...

Baie waar, sy is 'n amazing vrou, vol liefde, lag en 'n sterk hart1