Wednesday, September 1, 2010


If there is one thing I absolutely adore in terms of decor, it is a "picture gallery" also known as a "collage"! I love the homey, personal feel these collages give to a space and how a cluster of pictures and paintings can brighten even the dullest of walls.
Also, I feel collages are the perfect solution for someone like me who have way to much art and is to indecisive to display one piece at a time.
Unfortunately, "collages" is the one thing me and Chris cant agree with in terms of decor....

....he even forbade me to touch a Hilti....

.....but I'm hoping these pictures will change his mind!! :-)

(credit: images from design*sponge)


Becca said...

Oh how pretty! At first I thought this was in your house- it looked believable!
And then I was like,
"Oh wait. Jasmin would have to be having one of these collages in every corner of every room...nah, it must be someone elses'".
Either way, just way too cute.
I bet it's fun to make these little arrangements too!
Let us know how it all turns out!

Jasmin said...

Ah, dearest Becca, I do wish this was my home!!! COllages in every corner sounds dreamy to me!!! And naughty me for not crediting my source!! I got this nice pics of designsponge!!!
But thank you for your nice comment. I will def keep you updated! Just bought a nice print of etsy and cant wait to start my lil collage. Unfortunately Im stuck in Korea for the next 5 months before I go home and start "nesting". Silly me, I dont even have an apartment yet, but I already know exactly what it will look like :-)