Friday, August 13, 2010

Travel muse

When it comes to "high's", I'm convinced that there aren't many experiences more exiting than arriving in a new country where everything look different, taste different, sound different and even smell different. Its almost euphoric and I absolutely adore the magical feeling one gets when you almost have to "pinch" yourself to believe that you are actually in some foreign city far, far away from home. But after a while the euphoria subsides and you get use to the new way of how things are. You develop a new routine, you adapt to the climate, the food (that you once despised) becomes yummy and you, somehow, find your way around the language barrier.

However, yesterday, sitting on the bus overlooking the city and its million little lights, I had one of those magical moments again and  the thought hit me: "WOW!!!!, my dear, you are in the middle of Asia!!!!"

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