Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today I am thankful for......

....our super duper book club.

I've always wanted to be part of a book club but could never really find one that suited my needs seeing that most of them were run by either way too serious book critics/analysts or ladies my mother’s age, sipping tea. Now, I don’t mind the "sipping tea" part but I would've much preferred being part of a book club with girls my age who could relate to the books (and life) the same way I do. Well, my prayers has been answered and after a discussion with a friend Annie a while back, about how much we both liked reading, we decided to form our own little book club cutely named "Text in the City". I would love to say that this very original name was our idea, but in fact it was her sisters who actually have a book club in the States. We did, however, decide to branch out and now we are the proud members of "Text in the City: Busan edition".

Tonight was our second meeting and it was sooo much fun. We sipped tea, snacked on the lovely healthy food our friend and lovely hostess Jill prepared and we talked, talked, talked - about boys, shopping, decor, fashion, our shared love for thift stores and even a little bit about books!!!!

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Simply-Mel said...

Ah, sounds divine!!! I,too, have been a part of some verrrrry serious bookclubs that left me feeling rather bored and worse, dumb!!