Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teacup love

Oh my! Oh my!!!
I just saw these on etsy and fell in love.
Pretty vintage teacups transformed into absolutely, amazingly beautiful.
This very clever lady can even make a bracelet out of your favorite little teacup if you'd be willing to sacrifice one of your own beauties. I for one, don't know if I'd have the heart ..... but I sure do want one of these!!!!!

(credit: by StayGoldMaryRose as seen on


Janelle said...

omg, i love it those teacup bracelets!!!

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Jill Hoppy Anderson said...

Gorgeous, but practical? I don't know! Mine would break within the first 2 hours, guaranteed! I can barely keep my nails looking nice after they've been painted, much less a bracelet, made of China, from smashing into a thousand pieces!!